A jewel in the capital crown by Rick Fulton

Swiss student is leading a cultural revolution in Edinburgh with a spirit of true collaboration.

NATHANIEL Cartier isn't part of the famous jewellery brand but is becoming a Scottish music gem.

As well as being a musician, he has also co-created The Edinburgh Collective to show that the music scene in the capital is as good as anywhere else in Scotland. The Swiss student has used connections created by the network working on Faking It, his single with Bee Asha, which he rapped and played on and produced. Here, he reveals all:

RF: Tell us about The Edinburgh Collective?

I created it with the Scots composer, singer and producer Fraser Macdonald. We would continuously hear that Edinburgh's creative and music scene was "dead" so we decided to change that. The city's creative community is now in full bloom and we want to prove that, and showcase it. We go to events and network and support each other. We help each other grow and get opportunities and connections.

RF: Why is Glasgow good at collaborations but it seems Edinburgh isn't - or is this changing? I think a shift is happening.

We're creating something special in Edin- burgh, as are other creative communities around the country. Glasgow is arguably the current creative hub and attracts most international artists but Edinburgh has its own active creative hub and has the potential to stand side by side with Glasgow.
We are trying to change the dynamic and make sure Edinburgh gets the creative reputation it deserves nationally and internationally.

RF: How did you and Bee Asha get together for Faking It??

We were aware of each other and were always interested in collaborating. She came to the home studio, showed me the start of a song idea and asked if I could create an instrumental that fits the vibe. Bee's writing is always a mix of rap, spoken word and melodies. All the sounds and instruments - sax, keys, bass, guitar, beat and more - were played, produced and mixed by me, with Bee's guidance. We've had many compliments about the song and are super-excited for it to be released on December 23.

RF: We hear you're putting The Edinburgh Collective into action with others helping on the video?

Bee has been key in bringing upcoming creatives together for the video. She is connected all around Scotland and has an incredibly creative eye. Working on the shoot were costume designer Cleo McCabe, the set design team Make Sets, make-up artist Nikole Migl and Humble Film Productions.
We filmed it at Summerhall and are excited for the project and grateful to all contributors. It is a magical thing to bring people together and create such a strong feeling of community around a project.

RF: What is your musical journey?

I started playing piano at seven, the sax at 10 and guitar and bass came afterwards. Sax is my home base but singing and rapping in front of a crowd is what motivates me. I'm doing a BSc in acoustics and music technology at Edinburgh University.

RF: Cartier... any relation to the brand?

I get asked that all the time. The answer is no, but I dream of developing a George Clooney-Nespresso relationship with the Cartier brand.

RF: What do you think of hip hop artists like Loki, Damaged Goodz, Habit and The LaFontaines?

I'd love to collaborate with all those artists. The scene is thriving and I enjoy hearing Scottish artists embracing their accent. My favourites are Bee Asha, JW Normal, Chef, McRoy, Jamalco and Shogun.

Is enough being done for up-and-coming artists in Scotland? They need to keep supporting each other and the Scottish music industry needs to keep putting forward artists that have raw potential, talent and enjoyment on stage. Scotland has a thriving music community and will get much wider international recognition if we keep the momentum going. The Fringe is key.

RF: Any plans for 2023?

I'll be touring clockwise around Scotland - islands and all.

Check out The Edinburgh Collective on Instagram @the.edinburgh.collective


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